The City of Trenton presented its 24th Annual Trenton Business Week from October 16th to October 19th for business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals interested in advancing the region's economy.

Trenton again cooperated with the Purdue University Center for Regional Development to implement an innovative program for the TBW, the Trenton Business Innovation Project.  The Center trains local business and community volunteers in a strategic doing process to develop projects such as recruiting downtown retail and developing the area near the Trenton Transit Center.

The Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce sponsored the Trenton Business Innovation Project.

Networking events were held in different venues in Trenton. This year, the events included a luncheon to celebrate Trenton businesses that have served the community for well over 100 years, a TD Bank Business Networking Reception, and a MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce luncheon where Mayor Eric E. Jackson presented his annual economic address.